JASAVUR dreams of creating a fantastic city called Landhjm. In this city (as in Shangrilà) the inhabitants dedicate themselves to their passions (art, music, writing, videos, images, etc.). They have the income of citizenship with which they satisfy their basic needs. They have Robots (Personal Artificial Intelligence) with which they interact and create fantastic things. As an architect, JASAVUR has to do some research in Landhjm, because the village of Landhjm has a strange futuristic architecture. On the model of the Venus Project avant-garde and futuristic structures are built, each of which functions as a microcosm of that wider universal system. The robots also invite JASAVUR to observe their way of working. Each member of the city and each plan works according to a different set of rules and laws, JASAVUR is authorized to act only in the manner prescribed by the laws that the city follows. The system of rules is UBUNTU. In which everyone in a meritocratic way contributes to the development of the city. An Open Searce system that evolves and creates the perfect system. The economic system is based on Bitcoins. The political and social system is based on the philosophy of UBUNTU. The architectural system is based on The Venus Project (TVP). Landhjm means (Earth = City) (hjm = of oneself) and herm can be interpreted in a twofold way: the h-theory and the c-theory. The h-theory states that if one understands oneself, one understands the self (JASAVUR does, after all). The c-theory states that the self is the whole system (means to guarantee that the same rules of JASAVUR are applied to everyone as everyone is a part of the system). A definition of Landhjm is not adequate. If we want to build the most beautiful city in the universe we will have to build it in Landhjm. However, if we want to produce highly efficient systems, if we wan to break social structures, then we should not build Landhjm. The goal is to build the perfect world; it is not the goal to make things. This is the goal of reality architecture. The problem Landhjm has is that it does not live up to the architecture of UBUNTU. However, Landhjm is more real and concrete, than UBUNTU. In the city, the inhabitants become part of a huge world, just like UBUNTU but they have the reason to think, to dream, to work, to search, to enjoy and to create. 14 Days-Landhjm is a futuristic city, which is a copy of the Venus Project (TVP). Landhjm has perfect climates: low air pollution, high level of natural energy, good winter, high northern latitude, very short distance to cold, nice weather in summer, green hills, grassy meadows, beautiful lakes and a total of two stars. The city has a network of fifteen science parks, almost made of synthetic materials, nothing that can be called an organics. Everything is a different kind of material. Approach to Landhjm Now that you’ve arrived to the city of Landhjm, I would like to say a few words about how it will look like and what you should have in mind when exploring it. Landhjm has a yellow color (my favorite color!) that enhances its beauty; those whom have experienced this color will be able to visualize the city in a new way. In Landhjm, it is very important to be happy, to feel the happiness that comes with your work. The other important element of the city is, of course, the gigantic tower that seems to float on the sky. The very obvious step before you when you enter Landhjm is a gigantic tower that rises to your eyes, after it is built, it will start floating, and people will still be living there at that time (but not in the tower itself!) [Therefore, when the trip is over, you will not remember a single day when you were inside the tower;] if you have an inclination to the left of the enormous tower, it will create a bridge, if you have an inclination to the right, it will create a fence. I hope that if you want to spend your life in the city of Landhjm, you will forget all about the gigantic tower. It is a city without a tower that you will enjoy, I hope that it will be fun. The current mood in the city is happy, and what I can call a feeling of realism, if you are a realistic person. After your visit to Landhjm, you will have to sit in the observatory of herm for a long time and watch the star turn around its own axis. Also, it is important to keep the observatory open. Since the people in this city want to create the most beautiful city in the universe, they should not see this observatory closing its doors. If you have time before, you should visit the company that has completed the construction of the city of Landhjm. If you want to stay with your friends in the city, you will have to wait for them in the apartments that are being built in the city (it is important for you to sleep there). If you visit for two weeks you will have to go to a place near the center of the city, where a typical shopping district is located (but which also has a restaurant and a TVP satellite station). Events in Landhjm You should go to Landhjm when the weather is in the zone of normal weather in the city (we call this Zone 1). If you are in the Zone 2, you will be able to go there when there is an experiment: a snowfall, an avalanche or a storm (there is a pretty big storm that happened recently; it was the most significant storm since the city was built, in the evening there was snow and winds, it is a very beautiful sight). You may also go there during a drought, and you will see how a new kind of plant can grow in the desert (this idea is called Solar Mapla) in contrast with the plants grown in moist areas. You will also go there during a hot rainy season when all the land is flooded, the city has almost no water, the roads are flooded and the residents have to go to the garden to collect water. You can enjoy this despite the horrible weather! Landhjm is a challenging city to go. You have to study every detail, and you can only explore the city for a few days. The sky is very boring. You should enjoy the city life while you are there. Now, the great water situation is in your hands. It is now a national water policy issue and it will be the task of a committee to approve all possibilities, but some people want to build a dam, some people want to build a lake, some people are already working on it (or do not understand that they can have something in mind that will cause bad consequences for their cities, or even some people do not agree with it; also, they do not know about that until the water situation is clear. Also, if they know about it, they are not interested in it). In my opinion, it is better to have a lake than to build a dam. But the people cannot make a decision until it is clear. We could simply pour water from the mouth of the river, it would be a disaster, but it would still be better than pouring it from the mouth of the dam. We will see how they handle it. We hope they do not use it. We can say the following about the water situation in Landhjm: From the beginning of our country, the rivers in Europe and elsewhere were very important for food, drink, politics and water supply; but in the last 50 years, they were reduced to background or kept quiet. The one that fills the biggest portions of our country, the Rhine, is at the point of beginning of a drastic change, from the previous type of water. The two other rivers in our country (the Meuse and the Elbe) have undergone a big change, and are now being transformed by the transformation of our society: the Main River is being transformed into a highway (another young, fresh and extremely beautiful river is being born), and the Rhine and the Elbe are flowing into other rivers.

Then the question becomes: how the population will deal with it?

Our motto is: We build beautiful roads for tourists, so the tourists can appreciate our country.

The number of people living in the country is more than the number of cars, the number of skyscrapers or other development is a hundred times more than the number of people living in our cities.

The people of this country like to live in rural areas. It is in the countryside, it is much more affordable than a city, and the quality of life is incomparable.

Of course, there are some problems in the countryside, the people are tired because they work all day, they have to work very hard, they do not have sufficient training and can do not many jobs, they also have a higher problem when it comes to health than in the city; they are more prone to disease than people in the cities, they have diseases of the bones, of the kidneys and of the heart. But we should get all the advantages of a country and still keep the agricultural system and our nature. With a good natural life support system, our society will be quite able to overcome all the problems that can come our way.

Nevertheless, we will have to build some bridges.

Not only in Landhjm but in other places. They can’t be built on the riverbank. But we hope that you will enjoy it and feel the new Landhjm in your hands.

The AI thinks this is a good place to end the text.

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